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my sweetie
Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 3:38pm PST 
I would like to ask another question regarding a dog being clingy.Mydog wants to be with me all the time.He follows me room to room and seems like he doesnt want to be alone. I am willing to do anything if this a bad sign He is 6 years old and i've had since he was a baby please if anyone knows what it is or they can help

Miss Diva to- you!!
Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 3:45pm PST 
Did you not post a this question already? Perhaps not. Anyway, 6 years old isn't OLD so I wouldn't panic just yet. Has anything changed for him lately? Routine? Living arrangements? Anything like that? Have you taken him to the vet for a once over? It could be that he isn't feeling well and is trying to convey that to you. Or it could just be that he likes to be close to you big grin I would reccomend taking him to the vet just in case.
Bama AKA- "Buddybear'

'Just as cuddly- as i look!'
Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 8:53pm PST 
i've know of several chis that did this with their owners


Dog of requited- love
Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 9:26am PST 
I am normally clingy with my master and follow him almost everywhere... But when he leaves a treat out for me, I kinda focus on that. I really like chew toys.

*Pepsie the- Papillon*
Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 12:50pm PST 
this is normal for chihuahuas and most toy breed dogs because usually they want nothing more than to be with their owner.

Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 10:50pm PST 

Little King of- Everything
Barked: Tue Dec 21, '10 7:13pm PST 
Most dogs were bred to do a job, including Chihuahuas. Their job was to be a living hot water bottle. The heat from their bodies was used to warm beds on cold nights and to relieve the pain of sore muscles and joints. A hot water bottle that wanted to get up and walk away wouldn't be much good, now would it?

The other job for Chihuahua, as well as many other small dogs, was to be a playtoy, entertainment and companion for wealthy people. In the past, the upper classes showed their status by doing no work, and their pets would also reflex that philosophy. So small dogs were bred to be less active and more attached to humans. They were selected to enjoy sitting in laps and being carried. These traits are still popular in the breed today.

Also, I have my own theory about small dog behavior. I've heard many people say of their small dog "He thinks he's a big dog.", but I don't see that in Birdie. I think he knows he is a very small dog in a big world, and he relies on me for protection. He sticks close to me because he feels safe.