housetraining a chihuahua

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Opie CGC

Barked: Sun Dec 12, '10 4:58pm PST 
I pulled a 4 year chi from the local shelter and I'm trying to get him housebroken before he goes on to his real home. I start my new job tomorrow ( yay for employment laugh out loud ) He does okay in his crate, my question is can a 5 pound dog be expected to hold it while I'm at work all day? It will be about 10 hours. I know if I lock him in the bathroom with puppy pad he will hike his leg on my vanity and coming home at lunch isn't an option. BOL I am in no way used to dealing with itty bitties and he's making me paranoid.
Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Sun Dec 12, '10 5:02pm PST 
Princesse can hold it all night, but I would never expect her to hold it for 10 hours during the day. Have you thought about litter training? Not puppy pad training. Putting the puppy pad in a litter box.
Jet Hawk

Flying high- since 2008.
Barked: Sun Dec 12, '10 7:48pm PST 
Is there something you can use to guard the vanity? Maybe a piece of cardboard or a few towels? thinking

Opie CGC

Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 6:27pm PST 
I put him in a large crate so he could use the other side if he needed to but he held it, of course he pooped on the carpet twenty minutes after I let him out when I got home. I would have swore he pooped outside but I was watching from across the yard, guess he was faking me out so I'd let him in out of the cold. BOL oh well, never had a dog housebreak in 4 days don't guess I can expect it of him.
Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Mon Dec 13, '10 9:09pm PST 
Tiny dog = tiny bladder. I know. Please leave him with a piddle pad and if you worry about a leg hike on your hamper, simply move the hamper into the hall for the day. Leave out food, water, a bed and chew toys and a piddle pad at the other end of the bathroom. If you're really worried, spray a little more puppy attractant (like Wee Wee, a housebreaking spray aid)on the piddle pad. This should help make it more irrisistable.
Can you have a neighbor let the poor pup out for a potty break mid-day? Or a relative come over to do this? Or could you come home from lunch and do this? I know if a neighbor explained and asked me, I'd be more than happy to come over and do this for them.
Good luck! blue dog

I iz a special- puppy :)
Barked: Tue Dec 14, '10 6:40am PST 
Some little dogs can hold it that long, Gizmo can hold it for 10 hours, but when I get home he is busting to go out laugh out loud. Is there not a room that you can lock in him with a couple puppy pads, where you don't have to worry about his hiking his leg on something? Or maybe an Xpen, that way he can't get to anything to hik his leg. Make sure to leave him down some water and a couple pee pads.
As far as him faking you out, that all do that laugh out loud. The best thing to do until you KNOW that he is consistent is to follow right behind him and watch realllly closely to make sure he uses it. Sasha is REALLLLY bad to pretend to pee outside in the snow(because she's a diva and doesn't like to g out) so I have to follow her and either watch the snow to melt where she pees or watch her pee laugh out loud
Hope I helped & good luck snoopy