Switching from free fed to schedule?

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❤ Sadie- ❤

Miss Sadie the- Trouble Maker
Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 6:34pm PST 
So sadie and oakley are free fed everyday but i've been contemplating whether to switch to schedule or not. Iv'e decided it is necessary with Sadie's issues with pooping the house so it will most likely happen but i would like to know what is the best way to go about it?

any health risks they would suffer if they didnt eat through out the whole day because they have realized it is now scheduled

Eat, Sleep &- Play! Yes, Life- is Good!
Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 7:31pm PST 
Free feeding is totally not reccomended. They need to have a certain amount of food each day. Check out their food package and see how much they should get each day. I feed my medium-sized dogs one cup in the morning and one cup at night but I believe that it might be different for the smaller dogs.

I don't think you will have to worry about health risks. I mean, they might be confused for a few days but they just have to get used to the new schedule. Good luck and I am glad you decided to switch to this!
❤ Sadie- ❤

Miss Sadie the- Trouble Maker
Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 9:09pm PST 
i totally agree. We only did free fed when we first got them because we were told to do it for the first week or so but i guess we just got into routine. They are never fed anything more than days worth of food so once the bowl is empty it is empty for the day


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Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 9:28pm PST 
I think you will really like scheduled feeding better. It will definitely help with potty training!
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Barked: Wed Dec 15, '10 4:29am PST 
What we do here is feed once in the morning and then after work. The time might vary a bit in the evenings or on weekends, but through the week the morning feeding is always around 7am.
At first your doggie might not want to eat much, and that's ok. Just take the food up after 10 min or so and offer again at the next meal.
If they are being super picky, be sure to not offer any treats in between meals just until you get on this schedule.