1 feeding vs. multiple

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bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Tue Dec 14, '10 9:38am PST 
Lupi, that is too funny!!
Bama AKA- "Buddybear'

'Just as cuddly- as i look!'
Barked: Wed Dec 15, '10 4:34am PST 
Ok, once my dogs were adults I fed once a day until this year, I guess a few months ago or more.
They would get a treat in the morning, their meal in the evening, and another treat before bed.
By treat I mean usually a few pieces of Brodie's kibble or a snack that he can have (since he has issues w/so many foods)
They always done fine with this and it wasn't like they were starving throughout the day bc they got bites of kibble or a tastey treat in between.

Then Brodie started having frequent and messy poops again and someone on dogster suggested feeding twice a day. I tried it and it REALLY helped him a lot!
So, now he gets 1 cup in the morning and 1.5 cups in the evening. Allee and Bama both get half of the amount they eat in the morn and the other in the evening. It has really worked out well for us. And, I like that if I am late giving their evening meal it's not so bad bc they had breakfast!

We don't do many treats at all here anymore.

So, I would say the con to feeding once a day is sometimes more poops/digestive trouble/gas etc. And, also I think the dog enjoys getting more than one meal.

There really aren't any cons to feeding twice a day once we got on a schedule, I do have to get up a tiny bit earlier in the mornings!

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Chloe,- KPA-CTP

Clearance Puppy - The best of them- all.
Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 10:35am PST 
I vary, Sometimes I feed once a day (usually) but sometimes when I feed the ferret in the morning, I will feed twice a day, and then sometimes I free feed (give her something big th nibble on all day)

I works for us =] Chloe doesn't mind when she's fed.

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