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my sweetie
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 11:32am PST 
Im not sure that this is where i should post this but I am noticing that my 10 pound chi is starting to be very clingy. I know that when he is not feeling well he gets that way but I know he is feeling ok because he is eating and playing but he just wont stay in a room by himself. He always is a bit close but not this bad and i'm afraid that now I see him shake when I leave the house. He is 6 years old and never been this before.Does anyone have any advice I have even thought of maybe a little sister but I dont know what to do ? Thankyou

Miss Diva to- you!!
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 3:01pm PST 
I would take him to the vet just in case, since he has neve really been clingy it could be that he isn't feeling well. His belly could be hurting or anything really. If he gets a clean bill of health, have you changed anythign around the house? Added a new member? Anything at all? If so then that could be the reason, other than that I'm not very sure. Chis are known to be clingy dogs so maybe thats it shrug Sorry I couldn't be more help, hopefully someone else will chime in blue dog

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Wed Dec 15, '10 5:29pm PST 
Clingy is not always bad. Clingy dogs recall better and are better off-leash. Training a clingy dog for those 2 behaviors is easy. My dog is clingy. He follows me and acts anxious whenever I am preparing to leave the house. Obedience training a clingy dog is easy too because the dog is focused on you.

Sometimes people unitentially reinforce and encourage certain behaviors. When my dog acts anxious I don't sooth him. This can reinforce the behavior. One thing that helps my dog is to provide a distraction. I buy those hollow bones and stuff tasty treats and cheese in the middle. I give my dog one and he is too busy to notice when I leave.

Don't worry for most dogs, the separation anxiety mostly occurs when the dog knows you are leaving. they often settle down when they realize they are not going.

Providing a chew or toy like a kong stuffed with tasty treats can help separation anxiety. Having something to do is helpful and keeps the dog's mind occupied. Some people play soothing music for the dogs. Also providing a secure dark den like place for the dog is helpful. A den can be a box or a crate with a blanket over it.