Behaviour problems

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Scooby Doo

I own the house:- Really!!!
Barked: Sat Nov 13, '10 8:12am PST 
My 3 month old Chi will not let me pet him on his back only his head and belly. Is this normal for this breed. He has been like this ever since I got him. thank you Leona Slagle and Scooby
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Sat Nov 13, '10 9:16am PST 
What are you doing when you try to pet him on his back? And what is he doing? We need more information!

Remember, at three months, he's still just a baby. And he thinks like a baby dog, not like a human. If you are reaching over his head to pet his back, he could find that alarming. But rolling over on his back and letting you pet his belly is a sign of trust and affection.

Tell us more about him! big grin