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Teacup- chupacabra
Barked: Tue Nov 16, '10 11:28am PST 
I like Lupine Leads stuff, but my girlie can't wear them 24/7 because they make her skin break out. For a dog with a normal coat that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm big in- Japan.
Barked: Thu Nov 18, '10 6:28am PST 
Everyone thinks I'm silly, but we use a breakaway nylon cord cat collar. It's lightweight and doesn't smush Bella's fabulous neck poof. It isn't fancy, but it makes me feel safer knowing that if she gets caught up on her crate or anything else, she won't be strangled.

Not to scare anyone, but I had a horrible experience when I went to a friend's house to walk his Yorkie. I went in the backyard to get the pup, and he was hanging on the AC unit by his bone shaped tag attached to his leather collar and dead. =( He was only left unsupervised about 20 minutes. =(

Collar Link

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