Need something like a muzzle

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Barked: Fri Nov 19, '10 5:21pm PST 
SassySue, the link to the muzzle shows me a nylon muzzle that should ONLY be used for very short periods of time, it's not appropriate for any type of exercise or for any extended periods of time.

This type of muzzle really restricts how well a dog can cool themselves.
I have one of these for Rexy, and the longest she ever wears one is for the handling part of a vet visit. It comes off once the vet is done touching her as I'm not comfortable leaving it on the entire visit as it definitely interferes with how well she can breathe (esp. when she's stressed and scared).

OP, this is not a safe muzzle to use for walking.
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Barked: Sun Nov 21, '10 7:47pm PST 
What about walking her with an e-collar on?
That would also help restrict her vision of everything on the ground.
She could, if she tried hard, still eat things.
But it would also eliminate the stigma of her being aggressive.

Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 12:50pm PST 
I for now have her wear a basket muzzle. She's pretty much accepted it.

h ttp://petelancashire.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=21128

As to other suggestions other types of collars etc, When the sun is up
I sometimes walk her with out the muzzle and work with training on "LEAVE IT", plus some work a trainer gave me about "you dont have to
keep your nose 1/8" off the ground". But when I walk her at 5 AM in the morning I can't see very much.

Last Friday on a Noon walk, she went to the grass between the sidewalk and the road to take a pee, and damn if she didn't at
the same spot snag something of what I found after extracting
it from he mouth most of a Tootsie Roll. The muzzle is back on
all outdoor time again.

What is is like where we go on walks

http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=45.563221,-122.686536&sp n=0.010246,0.019119&t=h&z=16


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