a rat terrier? me?

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Pooch ~ I- miss you ~

love forever
Barked: Mon Nov 1, '10 7:06pm PST 
I would choose based on what is a better fit for you and your lifestyle.
Terriers are not for everyone so if you think you might want Polk be sure you're ready for a terrier.
Rat Terriers do tend to bark to alert to everything IME, and they do usually have high-pitched barks so if this is a problem for you he may not be the best fit (not all are barkers of course but it is a common trait.) They also tend to be high-energy and between that and the intelligence they need something to keep them occupied or they will make up their own games to entertain themselves. You have to be prepared to keep their minds occupied as well as their bodies!

I rescued Pooch as a stray when he was 4 years old, and although I was not looking for a terrier and did not think I especially liked small dogs (or terriers) before I got Pooch, he totally changed my mind!

Barked: Tue Nov 2, '10 2:04pm PST 
Just to clarify, I am well versed in the needs of a coonie and have trained all my dogs on a bike for exercise. I'm still not sure what I want, the third option is to bring one of my babies from home down to me. I'm military currently living in barracks. One stipulation I had before joining was that no way would I be joining if my babies suffered for it. My sister takes care of them. They are quite happy where they are, large fenced yard, each other to play with and they have lived in that house for most of their lives.
I miss my current babies very much but the idea of saving one that doesn't have a home is very appealing.
Don't worry, I know many of you will be asking, What happens to the dog if I deploy or change posts. The dog would be headed to join my sister back home is the answer. I love the military but many people who join take the sacrifice to far, meaning they give up their animals. Obviously, the call is very important and we need the numbers, but your pet shouldn't get thrown out for it.
Sorry for the sidetrack. I guess I'll know what to do when I go visit the kill shelter, if no one steals my heart, I'll go back to Polk or bring one of my babies down. But I doubt I can go into a kill shelter and not come out with a dog smile
Dublin Rose O'Belle

Sugar Baby!
Barked: Thu Nov 4, '10 7:41am PST 
Well, sounds like you are getting towards a decision. I am also a "big dog" person for the most part. And yet, there is Dubs. (small mixed terrier) She is every bit the dog that my big ones are and I love her to bits.

In your circumstances, and considering how fond you are of the little fella, I would seriously consider adopting him. Who knows what the future may bring? Perhaps later circumstances will allow you to have more than one pet and those longed for hounds would fit in better then.

You'll do the right thing.


Barked: Tue Nov 9, '10 8:36pm PST 
"yipper dog fans" thats like saying "ankle biter fans".

NE who, I had a westie/rat terrier mix and he was the smartest dog I have owned.
He picked up on potty training immediatly. (he didn't make a mess in my home once)

He learned sit, shake, kennel, down all without needing to set foot in a dog training class.

He also walked very polite on a leash.
He never walked in front, always at my side.. never crossing over.

My next dog will be a terrier.blue dog
Spunky, smart, and small.. they got it all.
Samoa SunnyBear Bell

Happy Boy!
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 7:30am PST 
Good things come in all sizes, Bella. I think we can agree on that. Everything you said about your well behaved dog also applies to Samoa here, who weighs in at 75 lbs.

Could we assume that the OP was using a term that he meant no harm by? Do we have to assume the worst?

My little dog DOES yap. I think it is adorable.
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