Where do you buy topknot bows?

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Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Oct 4, '10 9:45am PST 
Hey guys, we're growing out Jewel's hair here so she's going to be wearing a topknot more so now I NEED cute bows! laugh out loud Before I had just bought some kids's ponytail holders at wal-mart to slip over the band.
Where are you guys getting yours? Websites that ship to Canada or ARE Canadian please. Does anyone make their own? Is it hard? Website with a pattern?
Bows bows bows! cheer

Barked: Thu Jan 27, '11 1:19pm PST 
There's a free magizen and website called Pet Edge and it has wholesale pet supplies and in their grooming section they have bulk supplies of bows and topknot ties. That and doogie decretive nail colors that looks like nail polish big grin
Stormy Puppy- (Found a- home!)

Barked: Thu Jan 27, '11 2:49pm PST 
I was going to say Pet Edge as well, they have a huge selection.
Another source is Etsy.com and if you do a search on google for topknot bows you can also find a lot of websites that just sell bows!