Is your small dog a one person dog and protective of you?

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*Pepsie the- Papillon*
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 8:24am PST 
I know Pepsie is! She follows me around everywhere and sleeps with me. She will bark and bark when someone not of our family walk into the house and she barks to try to drive them away! She will growl if she hears people talking outside and will bark if someone is outside and she tries to tell them to stay away from our house. Pepsie mostly just embarrassess herself because she doesn't know how small she is and when she gets yappy and growly people just say it's cute that a small dog thinks it's a big dog but I don't think it's cute. Trust me, we are working on the barking.
♥- Daisy- ♥

Once you get a- Jack you never- go back!
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 8:55am PST 
Daisy is deinately a one person dog, she follows me EVERYWHERE! She is my roomie (yes, I share my room with her) If i go stay the night at a friends house she sits by my window. Daisy too barks at anything she sees or hears, I am trying to get some help with barking with her. She used to be totally quiet, now you can get her quiet down! If she hears the doorbell on the TV ring she goes balistic (yea, spelling...not my forte') She isn't crazy protective but she is a very good guard dog!

*Pepsie the- Papillon*
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 9:01am PST 
Yeah my dog will bark when someone on TV rings the doorbell to! She thinks it's our doorbell LOL my sister always gets mad at her for barking at nothing


Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 9:05am PST 
Yes Charlie is my dog she listens to me the best. She follows me everywhere sleeps curled up against my stomach at night. Rides on my lap in the car. She loves all people but is very protective of me. She doesnt like people coming at me from the side or up behind me unless she knows them WELL.

Morgan on the other hand has bonded with my boyfriend. She prefers him to me. She is not as protective of him though. Mind you have disabilities and he does not. Morgan is more likely to protect me then him, but she is scared of people that she doesnt know.

Both dogs are very protective of my daughter as well.
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 9:18am PST 
Addy follows me everywhere, sleeps on the bed with me, and is very devoted.

She does not bark at nothing, or at tv doorbells, although she does alert to people and things close to the house, outside. Once I check them out (look out the window, or even the door peephole) and tell her it's okay, she settles down.

She does get very excited about people coming into our house, but that's because we don't have a lot of company coming in. It's a happy excitement, not a hostile, scared, or protective excitement.

She does worry about people coming up behind us on the street, or about people dressed in dark clothes when we're out after dark, but that's because she finds them alarming. We're working on it, and she's getting better.

Muffin Lips.
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 10:46am PST 
Yes big grin

Gunther is very independent, but he is most definitely a one-person dog. He is always in the same room with me and always, always jumps to protect me and alert of strangers near the house. He adores my husband too though. Anyone else, he can take or leave them.
Momma's- Girls

Little Monsters
Barked: Sun Oct 3, '10 10:59pm PST 
Mini loves ALL people!! big laugh She's just a people pup.
Kiki's more my dog, she's always near me, following me and watching me. I dont know if it's her past but she's nervous in crowds and is happy to be glued to my side sleepin'. Even with Daddy, she's just like "where's my Momma", always tilting her head.
They're both my Girls but both opposites! laugh out loudlaugh out loud

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Mon Oct 4, '10 1:07pm PST 
Paris loves everybody but she is attached at the hip to my mom. Unless she has to go REALLY really bad she doesn't even want to be taken out to potty by anyone else. She'll just keep pulling towards the house.

Nicky will not give you a warm reception if you come to our house. Although after some time (and a cookie from the guest when he calms down) he will warm up to strangers. Thanks to my grandparents I now know "3" is his magic number. After he meets and spends time with someone 3 times, he'll consider them a friend.

Little Fox
Barked: Mon Oct 4, '10 4:21pm PST 
Tika might show a slight preference for me, but she loves EVERYONE and isn't protective in the slightest.
Kitsune- Trouble

Divide and- cuddle!!
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 8:33am PST 
No Kit is not a one person dog. He looooves people and soaks up attention from nearly everyone he meets. He knows who his family is, though. He doesn't really like getting taken outside by anyone other than me or my fiance, and he's always following me around the house. Me and my fiance are clearly his favorite people, but he still loves attention from other people as well.

He does bark when people come to the door, or the bell rings, or if he hears strange sounds outside- but he's not really protective. As soon as the door opens, even if it's a stranger, he wants them to pet and play with him.

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