Black spots fading to Chocolate Brown???

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Barked: Thu Sep 30, '10 7:14am PST 
Okay I got my JRT as a 9 week old pup, when I got her she was primarily white with a black ear spot and a black tail spot.

Now the tail spot is turning into a strip up her back, and the black on both spots is turning to Chocolate Brown. Also she has ticking coming thru like CRAZY she doesnt even look like the same animal has anyone else had this happen. When do all the changes stop lol?
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Thu Sep 30, '10 7:32am PST 
Sarah's ticking got slightly darker after I adopted her. I don't know if it was change in diet/health (she was a stray with heartworm), hormones(she got spayed), or just age, she was about a year old. Sarah has a dark red/brown mask and tail spot with lots and lots and lots of ticking that doesn't quite make it through to the top, so it looks nice and dilute. I was concerned that these spots were going to come all the way through, but they didn't. I would have loved her either way, but I think she looks cuter the way she is!
Dublin Rose O'Belle

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Barked: Thu Sep 30, '10 7:44am PST 
Dubs (maybe part JRT) keeps changing colors through the year. She is primarily a sort of rust color, which darkens in the cold weather and gets dark sable tipping. In the summer her white spots (back of head and neck) are much larger...in the cold weather, they just about disappear.

She also has a black splotch on her tail which grows and recedes. Darker in winter, smaller in summer.

Kitsune- Trouble

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Barked: Thu Sep 30, '10 8:01am PST 
Kit isn't a JRT, but he did change a lot as he grew!

Here's what he looked like the first day we brought him home, he was 9 weeks old...
Kit @ 9 weeks

And here is a picture I took of him recently, as an adult. He's a year old now, will be 2 in December.
Kit 1 year

He's mostly white, that part stayed the same - but his face was a lot darker when he was a puppy. He only kept a touch of the black on his face around his eyes and on his ears, and the rest turned a reddish brown color. People looking at those two pictures of him probably wouldn't even know it was the same dog!

Kit's color changed as he was growing, once he reached his adult weight (around 7 - 8 months for Kit) his fur color stayed the same. It hasn't changed any since that I've noticed, and he's almost 2 years old now.

Barked: Sat Oct 2, '10 8:45am PST 
Charlie is definatly at her adult weight now. She is a healthy 15 pounds and has been for awhile. She will be 2 in May. Yet she is still changing lol. I brought home a mostly white dog and now I have a spotted dog hmmm oh well
❤ Sadie- ❤

Miss Sadie the- Trouble Maker
Barked: Sat Oct 2, '10 9:58am PST 
my two dogs coat has had more coloring since we got them

Oakley who had two big black spots now has several little black ones around them and Sadie who was black with a little white on her chest and back feet now is has streaks of grey/white on her ears

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Barked: Sat Oct 2, '10 2:19pm PST 
For Wheatens, they are born black and brown. Then they turn in to a Wheaten color after they begin to age.

Buckeye as a puppy

Buckeye now
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Barked: Sat Oct 2, '10 4:23pm PST 
If your dog has been spending a bit of time outside in the sun then his black spots may have been bleached by the sun. It happens to my black rabbits in the summer, they are jet black again in the winter. Hope I helped.