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Pooch ~ I- miss you ~

love forever
Barked: Tue Aug 24, '10 11:35am PST 
When I first found Pooch (he was a stray) he was wearing a harness and he pulled like crazy! He was very strong too!
I could never get him to wear a harness, because he'd immediately begin to pull even when he was trained to walk on a loose-leash on a collar.

Did somebody say- car ride?!?!
Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 5:50am PST 
We also use a harness for our little girl as well. She always would choke on her collar when she walked and also at night time well sleeping in odd positions. We decided it was just best to get her a harness instead and have kept it ever since.
Izzy Bear

Your only as- small as you- think you are
Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 8:17am PST 
Even though Izzy walks well she gets a little excited during the begining of the walk or if something like a rabbit or squirrel dash by so I like to use harnesses just in case.

But I'm sure there are dogs who are trained so well that even with these distractions they do not pull so the collars probably work well for them, and kudos to their parents for the great trainingapplause.


It\'s Tough- Being A Spoiled- Puppy!
Barked: Fri Aug 27, '10 6:17pm PST 
My 8 yo Shih Tzu only wears a harness (PUPPIA brand cheer ). We've been using harnesses for about 5 years now. I love Puppia harnesses because they are comfy on her and the material is cushion-y feeling. The material is broad across the chest, so it distributes the pressure better in case she pulls on her lead (which she DOES do if she sees any squirrels around shrug ). I only put the harness on her before we go out; when in the home, she doesn't wear it.

We used to use collars with the leash, but then her BFF, a little Cavalier Spaniel (10 yo), had cervical disk problems and ended up with very painful and expensive surgery! She used to cry out in pain from the disk issue. The surgery wasn't a complete success, either. From what I've read, many small dogs suffer these types of neck injuries after many years of pulling on collar leads. I'll never use a collar lead on my pup again.

Shih Tzu also have very delicate tracheas, which is another main reason I only use harnesses on her. way to go

*Pepsie the- Papillon*
Barked: Fri Aug 27, '10 6:36pm PST 
Cool. Wow! There are so many types and kinds of harnessess!!! Pepsie has this harness
Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 7:48am PST 
I use a harness for all 3 of my dogs when walking, even the bulldog.
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