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I'm the baby,- gotta love me!
Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 9:15pm PST 
I think harnesses give the dog too much leverage. If you start from puppyhood teaching the dog leash manners with a collar, they won't pull. Plus, dogs are typically smart enough to quit pulling before the point of a collapsed trachea. Just IMO.
Maxwell Smart

The dog park toy- thief!
Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 9:46pm PST 
I agree Henry. That's what I am trying to do...teach no-pull manners.

little little
Barked: Tue Aug 17, '10 6:45am PST 
Coco has a harness from Wiggles Wags and Whiskers, I love it, its very easy to put on, just two clasps and your done, plus they had a nice cushy velvet liner, she never did walk good on a collar she always got too excited and chokes herself, I tried to train her not to pull, but she is just too excitable when she see new people or other dogs. You should she her at the drivethru ( anywhere ) big laugh


little- dog big- life
Barked: Tue Aug 17, '10 1:42pm PST 
the way to teach no pulling is to make pulling a bummer. we did that by stopping everytime i pulled and i had to go back to a heel position loose leash before we moved forward. (mommy lured me with a bite of cheese in the beginning/later just pointed to the spot!) after a while i was like a slingshot..pull pull..i want to see that doggie.....oh geez stopped...back to heel, loose leash...two steps...hurry up pull pull..geez stop ok..race back to heel position leash loose 4 steps...
now i just stick to a loose leash because i know it is the only way to get where i want to go! little angel
flat collar or harness is irrelevant to us..if there is tension on the leash we aint going anywhere! blue dog

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I'll always love- you...
Barked: Tue Aug 17, '10 4:41pm PST 
I disagree Henry. If that was the case Rickards wouldn't have a severe collapsed trachea (not my doing, his past owners doing). I can really only speak about Pomeranians, but they do have very delicate throats. It wouldn't take a whole lot of pulling while wearing a collar to damage their throat. And there are harnesses out there that help with dogs that try to pull. I agree teaching dogs at an early age to LLW is a good idea, but I still would never train it with a collar.

It's hard work- being this cute
Barked: Wed Aug 18, '10 9:01am PST 
Tiffany wears a harness. She doesn't usually pull, but if she's in a situation where she might pull (like if she sees another dog, or gets spooked by something) I don't want to hurt her trachea.

whatever lola- wants; lola gets
Barked: Wed Aug 18, '10 10:42am PST 
file under live and learn:
i was 13 and my neck bones 'calcified' and disintegrated..mommy still feels so guilty because i used to yank on the leash to say hello to everyone and i was also on a (supervised) run and chased the groundhog and 'pinged' at the end of my collar. she did not think about how delicate my bones were and yes, 13 is a pretty good run..but damage is damage and with a harness there is NONE!
i enjoyed charging to tell the world i was it's ruler and i loved to chase the groundhog right into his hole at the shed door..we did not realize there ARE physical ramifications. i was in terrible pain when my bones crumbled, mommy walked me in her arms singing to me in the middle of the night, i was on pred and painkillers for weeks and had numerous vet consults for naught..
if you pull or yank on your collar, please get a harness and you can all AVOID that terrible time we suffered.
from lola on rainbow bridge, an awesome doggie. little angel

Teacup- chupacabra
Barked: Fri Aug 20, '10 7:07pm PST 
I was always staunchly anti-harness... until we got Stella laugh out loud

Her naked neck is super, super sensitive, and pretty much every collar we have tried leaves her chafed and sore! She walks well most of the time (gotta love 8 month olds and their 'lalala I forgot all my manners' teenage ways) but even then she constantly had a red neck, so I bought a step-in harness just to see if it would help. And hooray, hoorah, it does! Her manners are the same no matter what gear she's wearing, and no more neck chafage!
Hazel Louise

Therapy Dog- Greatness!
Barked: Mon Aug 23, '10 5:25pm PST 
I use harnesses most of the time with my 2 Cavaliers. They have quite a few lol. One that I recently bought is my favorite. It's by Doggie Design and is a mesh harness that is choke-free. It's a step-in shoulder harness. It has velcro/and snap buckle closure. It comes in a lot of colors, too. My Cavaliers like it alot.
Sonny Jim

Mommy's Angel
Barked: Mon Aug 23, '10 10:27pm PST 
Anytime I'm out and about with Sonny he wears a harness and he has never seemed to mind. I've had larger dogs before where I didn't need the harness but with the lack of leverage and living in a town where people don't abide by lease laws I like knowing I can scoop him into my arms at anytime.
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