small dog dentition

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support the- rabid
Barked: Wed Aug 4, '10 11:04am PST 
I have a teeth question! Nicky is a 14 pound Pom and he has awesome very nice and complete dentition. However, I noticed that on Paris, an 8 pound Silky, it seems that she is missing the first 2-3 pre-molars on each side of her lower jaw (possibly upper too but I can never get a good look at it). Is this normal for small breeds? I know they can lose teeth easily due to decay, but is it common for them to naturally be missing some as well? Thanks!
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Wed Aug 4, '10 1:02pm PST 
Sarah is missing the same tooth on each side of her lower jaw. It's the one right before the GIANT tooth (is that a premolar?). I never saw her lose it, so I'm assuming she was born without them. I was born without one permanent premolar on each side of my lower jaw. If it happens in humans, I guess it can happen in dogs?

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Barked: Thu Aug 5, '10 6:57am PST 
In Chinese Cresteds, dentition is linked to coat. Nakeds, like me, can be missing several teeth, but powderpuffs typically have a full set of teeth. And a couple of mine are coming in crosswise, but as it doesn't seem to slow me down at all, Momma's taking a 'wait and see' view of it right now.