Meet Ups

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The devil made- me do it!
Barked: Wed Aug 4, '10 8:42am PST 
Hey, do any of you pups belong to Meetup groups? You know, meetup.com/. We belong to The Small Breed Dogs Meetup Group in SE Massachusetts. We have over 200 members and have our meetings (really playings) twice a month. Not everyone shows up, of course, but generally there are 30 to 40 small dogs running and playing. It's fun and great socialization time. Check out meetup.com to find one in your area (or start your own)! Does anyone belong to any other sort of group like this?
T Jay

It's my- world..they just- live in it!
Barked: Wed Aug 4, '10 7:22pm PST 
We have been interested in finding a meet up group for T Jay! Thanks for sharing this website! blue dog