first one and happy pup

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team jacob
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 1:49am PST 
hi gabby here and i am so happy to be the fist dog here to star a new topic so yeah i am a happy pup also
plese comment on this what is the best ting you love about your dog??
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 3:50am PST 
She's so smart and so loving.

Last week, I left her in a fenced yard with another small dog while the other dog's owner and I were getting things out of the garage for an adoption day. Well, Addy figured out how to open the gate--and instead of exploring the rest of the property, which was semi-wooded, she came right over to me and followed me around while I worked.

Once I was able to give her my full attention, she was happy to explore some of the property--but didn't go far from me and came back whenever I told her she was going too far.

Doesn't sound like much, I know, but we've never worked on off-leash walking like that because we live in a very urban area on a street that gets treated as a main drag--lots of traffic going very fast.
Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 4:01am PST 
I can only pick one? laugh out loudI like how she is so responsive. I tell her nite nite and she heads straight for her kennel. Her recall is awesome. I have a similar story to Addy's. I accidentally let go of her leash in my new yard , and when I called her, she came tearing around the rosebush she was behind to drop at my feetsmile I love how when we go walking she just looks at things and doesn't try to get to them. Also how she does her zoomies on her long leash in the grassbig grin


Cookie Monster
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 5:45am PST 
For Bingley I think it's his unconditional love for me. He is just such a happy boy, and is just happy to be wherever he is as long as I'm there, too.

I\'m the Baby!
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 5:47am PST 
For Emmett... still getting to know this little goofball... but I guess right now it is his silly puppy goofiness. To him everything is a game and he's happy to play it, even if it's just me putting on my shoes, it's "Yay! It's this putting on your shoes game! I'll help you by grabbing your laces!"
Jovi, NPC,- CEGE

Momma's boy and- proud of it!!!
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 6:14am PST 
For Jovi I love his attachment to me. He is a true momma's boy. Also I love his attitude. He is a big dog in a small dog body

daddy's boy
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 6:14am PST 
I love Gunner's happy nature! He is always rearing to go and happy about everything you ask of him!

Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 6:15am PST 
I love Lilly's cuddliness! she just loves to cuddle with anyone who will let her!

Mommy's little- princess
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 6:17am PST 
If I can only pick one I say EVERYTHING!!!! BOL. I had been gone competing in a horse show all week. My husband had to work so he stayed with the dogs and brought them up friday with him. They missed me so much that that day they had to be with me 24 seven otherwise they would bark. They love me as much as I love them and I dont know what Id do with out them.
Winnie Mae

Just let me jump- it!
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 6:34am PST 
I love that Winnie has such a high drive. While that makes it harder when we practice obedience, it's great for our agility work.

But my favorite thing about Winnie is that she isn't bothered when I make a mistake, and because she is my first dog, I've made plenty!laugh out loud
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