Very important ! Ivermectin toxicity in skyes

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"As we are aware, Skye Terriers have had serious, often fatal reactions to ivermectin (against demodex and heartworm ). The reaction seen in Skye Terriers is similar to that exhibited by susceptible Collies. The phenomenon of ivermectin toxicity in Collies was first described in 1983. Ivermectin causes neurologic toxicity in some but not all Collies at doses that are 1/200th of the dose required to cause toxicity in other dogs. Neurologic manifestations of ivermectin is susceptible dogs include hypersalivation, ataxia, blindness, coma, respiratory compromise and death. Skyes manifest similar reactions.

Despite numerous investigations during the 1980's and 1990's, the cause of this susceptibility was not understood. Recently, a veterinarian at Washington State University discovered that the ivermectin sensitivity in Collies is caused by a mutation of a gene ( MDR1 ).

This mutant gene may also give adverse reactions to other medications:

* Imodium
* Doxorubicin
* Vincristine
* Vinblastine
* Cyclosporin
* Digoxin
* Acepromazine
* Butorphanol

Other studies have shown that this mutant gene has the potential to act in over 50 different drugs and may include:

* Ondansetron
* Domperidone
* Paclitaxel
* Mitoxantrone
* Etoposide
* Rifampicin
* Quinidine
* Morphine"
This text si from : http://www.skyeterrier.org/ivermectimstudy.htm

Please if you have a skye, give this text to your vet ! It could save life of your dog. thanks for them !

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