Huskies and Dog Parks

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Ares and- Aspen

Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 4:11pm PST 
Does anyone have issues with their huskies being irritable around other dogs? I know that my huskies just like to check out the other dogs and may seem offish at first but things are always fine afterwards.

My concern with dog parks is other people because they look at my "wolf-looking-dogs" and think "oh no they will probably attack my dog."

Just trying to get thoughts and opinions on your experience at dog parks.

Thank you!
Vance CGC

You kids g'off- my lawn!
Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 6:09pm PST 
Dog aggression, specifically same-sex aggression is common in Huskies.

To me, "just like to check out the other dogs and may seem offish at first but things are always fine afterwards," really means, "my dogs have rude greeting behavior, tough they will settle down once they get comfortable with a dog." It's not just the other owners being afraid of wolf-y looking dogs. You see it too, you just haven't acknowledged it for what it is.

I don't go to dog parks because the lack of regulation makes me uncomfortable. I know too many dogs who have been injured. Additionally, many dogs are afraid of Huskies, especially in areas like mine where coyote encounters are common, and I don't want to risk an unwarranted attack. On top of that, Ember is very forward and makes a lot of noise, even for a Husky. I'm very afraid of another dog attacking her just because they don't know what to make of her.

Vance would have done better, but I didn't take him because he had physical problems and couldn't withstand a fight. He also found poorly socialized, energetic dogs annoying, and that's most of what is in the dog parks around here.

Fox is just dog aggressive.

Baby Avalanch
Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 5:26am PST 
i have had a few problems with my husky at dog parks, she is very hyper and has a "rough" style of playing. and other bigger dog breeds dont mind it but you always have that over reactive person that screams bloody murder when your dog plays a tad rough with it. so be prepared for that.


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Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 5:02pm PST 
Maybe it depends on where you live, but I've encountered little fear of huskies here, in dog parks or otherwise. They're boisterous with big dogs and ours are even gentle with smaller dogs (although I know that's NOT true for all huskies, so caution is in order).

My only really negative experience was when a Dobie got annoyed with the newest addition, Teeko. The Dobie went aggressively after Teeko, Ace jumped in to defend Teeko, and Teeko pretty much backed out of the fight. Ace (husky/shepherd mix) was not backing down so easy, nor was the Dobie. Both the other owner and I suffered a couple of minor bites breaking up the scuffle.

These were dogs that had seen each other and played well together before, so I wasn't right on top of things when it happened. Normally I watch my dogs very closely during introductions, but after a few encounters with the same dogs, I got complacent.

That said, I still want to take them to the dog park at least a couple times a week. They thrive on the free running, the chasing, the playing, the mud even. Walking is no substitute for the exercise, and I am no substitute for playing with dogs.

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Barked: Sun May 5, '13 9:23pm PST 
I can't speak about dog parks but Fritz is aggressive to same sex dogs. He can be a horrible bully, stalking around stiff legged and staring. I make him stop but take your eyes away and he is doing it again. (we are talking about our pack here, not stranger dogs)

I can't imagine letting him loose around a lot of strange dogs off leasheek . The local attitude about huskies from many of my neighbors....Taint dat dere one o dem wolf dogs? Ah hear they aint gonna bark, just go for the throt.....shrug I really hate some of my neighbors. naughty

blue/brown eyed- girl!
Barked: Mon May 6, '13 1:08pm PST 
laugh out loud Fritz, sorry, not that it's funny.....really, but the accent was great!!!! BOL

blue/brown eyed- girl!
Barked: Mon May 6, '13 1:15pm PST 
I have always brought Mika to dog parks, she loves it, and it seems all the other Huskies there always get in a group together in a corner by the trees. It's interesting to watch, and they do look just like a pack of wolves in the wild. There are always a few people who look at your dog when your bringing them out of the car like..."uh oh, better watch out for that one" kind of thing but most of people there just love to watch the Huskies there and think they are beautiful.
My puppy Lexus however, I haven't taken her yet because she gets a little more defensive and rough and i'm not to sure how that would go down with strange dogs

Barked: Wed May 8, '13 3:50am PST 
In our city, we have a high number of husky owners and have the ability to book out a dog park with our local council to do husky play dates. We once had someone bring their chihuahua into the dog park, despite there being 30 huskies there, and they let it off its leash. Now our huskies were pretty obedient, they came and stood by our side and didn't approach the chihuahua at all, but the chihuahua came up to one of the huskies and bit it on the paw for no reason. Naturally, the husky responded and gave a warning growl, to which the chihuahua ran off yelping. The owner then gave us an earful on how we could have killed his dog.

I think a lot of people have prejudice against big, wolf-like dogs and fail to notice that their own dogs are very disobedient. Particularly with small dog owners, if a small dog barks and attacks a big dog it's "cute" and "adorable", but if a big dog does the same it's a danger to society.

These days I make sure the other people in a dog park are aware that my boy is friendly, but does like to play rough at times. Thankfully, after that incident, we haven't had any more issues.

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Barked: Wed May 8, '13 2:34pm PST 
My little boy LOVES the dog park, he is so good with other dogs. I have no idea what I would do without the dog park and other dogs for him to play with!