Husky Puppy Pooping In Cage

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Barked: Wed Feb 6, '13 10:53pm PST 
Hi My 9 Week Siberian Husky Is In A Crate At Night She Was Howling An Pooping In Her Cage So I Put Her In My Room An She Didn't Need Any Toilet Breaks All Night So I Know She Is Capable Of Waiting Till I Take Her Out, I Go To Bed Ar 10:30 Let Her Out Then To Do Her Buisness An Also Wake Up at 2am to et her out for a toilet break an then again at 6am but each time inbetween she poops an urinates I don't feed her after tea time, what can I do to get her to stop this her crate is just big enough for her its seems like if I let her in my room she will wait an no howling but if I leave her in the crate downstairs she will howl poop an urinate in their, I wouldn't mind having her in my room while she is small but I am worried when she is larger she will still be the same as she won't have learned to stay alone at night cos I've been giving into her help please everyone Is telling me to leave her downstairs as she will never learn!