Need Help Please with rash.

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Barked: Wed Feb 6, '13 6:25pm PST 
My one year old Husky is losing hair on her underside. She has a rash and is biting at her rash. Her vet has given her antibiotics and steroid but it not getting any better. i have posted some pic's. Anyone have any idea's. She has always been on the same raw food diet.
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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 2:58pm PST 
Your pics didn't show...

What testing has your vet done? Does it go away while on steroids, but return as soon as you finish the meds?

I'm not a vet, but off-hand I would think that if it does not respond at all to antibiotics and steroids, it is neither bacterial nor allergic. That leaves fungal or parasitic, both of which should be identifiable by skin scrapings.

It could also be an antibiotic-resistant infection that needs extra attention, although I have not personally seen that often. Or an allergen so pervasive that steroids can't keep up with it, although I feel like for that happen there would have been a significant change in environment.

Does she chew constantly? It may be necessary to use a "cone" or alternative product (Boobooloon) to stop chewing while the rash heals. If she's at it 24/7 it will never heal, regardless of meds.

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