husky puppu extreme shedding.

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ok so i have been wanting to get husky for years now but ive always had mastiffs. so this is my first husky. she is almost 5 months old. and i noticed today while i was brushing her that i could pull large clumps of hair right out of her hind end. just her buttocks. i could just reach in and pull a bunch out, but hen i do its so thick that it isnt even noticeable. is it normal for them to shed like this or should i be worried about worms or some sort of disease?

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Huskies need to be groomed every day. They are indeed extreme shedders, and if they aren't groomed very often yes you will be able pull out clumps of fur. Grooming is very important for numerous reasons because it gives them a healthy coat and gives you a chance to really know your dogs skin. And make sure there are no hot spots etc.....If you are concerned about his health though, you should get him in right away for a check.

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Every husky does this, usually twice a year. It's called "blowing their coat". They shed out their protective undercoat. If you brush her daily, it will seem less extreme when this happens. It's perfectly normal though so you don't need to worry smile if you look on dreamy's Page, I have a pic of Dreamy next to a giant pile of fur I brushed off of her lol.