how to tell if your husky is pregnant behavior?

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Hi! I am new here, so hello!wave
We are not sure, but our female husky may or may not be spayed and has been humped a few times and once in a while will do a small bleed from her anus. If she is, it is probably only two or three weeks so far. What signs should we look for that will show us if she may be pregnant?
Thanks for all answers!
(We fully believe in spaying so that there are less unwanted dogs in the world, do not know how we got mixed into this)
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I don't honestly know. What gives you doubt she wasn't spayed? Does she have any scares in that area? And just because a dog is getting humped doesn't necessarily mean she isn't spayed.

Maybe post this in health forum?

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Well, we took her to the vet about the bleeding, and the vet said (hopefully not) that she COULD be spotting (pregnant). I just want to know what behaviors to look for in case she IS pregnant so we can tell the vet about these behaviors.

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You need a new vet.

First off, no dog should be bleeding from it's anus, ever. If any dog is bleeding rectally a thorough medical workup is in order ASAP, including bloodwork and x-ray.

If you must be certain right now she is spayed or not (or possibly pregnant) you need to do an ultrasound.

Typically, when you aren't sure of a bitch's history and no spay scar is apparent, the safest and cheapest way to figure out whether she is spayed or not is to keep her under close watch for 9 months or so and see if she goes into estrus. For canines, estrus, or "heat" as it is typically called, involves a swelling of the vulva, bloody discharge from the vulva, and behavioral changes ranging from moodiness to clinginess. This process involves making sure that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES INTACT MALES HUMP HER.

Since we are apparently already past that...

Was she in heat when the males were humping her? If she wasn't in heat, she can not be pregnant. If she was in heat, you ought to know she is not spayed.

Did the males "tie" with her? If the male just humped her for a second and hopped off, she is not pregnant. The "tie," where the male is stuck inside the bitch for several minutes, is necessary to the process.

Thing is, your vet should have already told you all of this, in addition to what behavioral changes to look for in a pregnant bitch.

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I agree with the last poster, you need a new vet. Is your vet even board certified? If not then you DEFINITELY need to go to a new vet. Sometimes spay scars are not on the abdomen. Sometimes they are farther up by the belly button. If the puppy had a serious umbilical hernia, most vets will spay the dog after repairing the hernia. When we got mishka, we couldn't tell whether she was spayed or not because we couldn't find a spay scar. We took her to 4 vets. three of them said she wasn't spayed, the last vet who happens to be on the veterinary board of nevada told me she wasn't and told me she had an umbilical hernia and had a spay done at the same time.

The first 7 days of a bitch's heat they are not receptive to the male, the next 7 days they are receptive to the male. Once the tie (where the male is stuck inside the female) is performed the female's eggs are being fertilized. after the 7 days are up she is no longer receptive to any males.
When a female comes into heat her vulva will be very swollen. Their will be light pink to red discharge and she can be very lovey and clingy and talkative or just be really moody.