Husky exercise

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Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 1:26am PST 
Hey husky owners smile i know this question has been asked to death but it really does appear to be a bit of a grey area with so many differing views. I have a female siberian coming up to about 9 months of age. I often look at her when she becomes a bit restless and worry about whether im giving her the right amount of exercise.

She is going through a bit of a scared of everything period which i am trying to resolve and it is a gradual process. But as a result of her difficult behaviour its kind of dictated our walks and i have had to reduce her from her large walk to just a few smaller walks.

Some would say that this is enough as she is still a pup and her joints are developing and other owners that appear to be totally hardcore walking their adult huskies 10 miles plus would criticise saying im not fit to be an owner which sounds a little harsh frown I spend most of my time at home so its not like im neglecting her at all i play with her plenty im pretty much always around her and i am prepared to increase the time if necessary smile Im a first time husky owner and i ultimately want to do the best by her its just confusing and a bit daunting when your new but for me thats part and parcel i love her to pieces and couldnt ever give up on her like some husky owners sadly do frown

Its not about the motivation the motivation is there i just want to know whats enough to absorb most of that restless energy. Without pushing her too hard while she is still young. I just hope i can get her out of the scared stage by the time she has matured so i can start taking her further again.

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I always let my dogs decide when they have had enough. Be sure that most of the walking is down on soft ground if possible and not concrete it will be easier on the joints.
Sakari I consider to be lazy as she is happy with 3 miles a day and some play time with the other dogs, the rest of the day is spent lounging around.
If your dog doesn't act like she is getting enough exercise then most likely she isn't.
I give 3 walks a day with as needed potty breaks. She will let you know when she is getting tired.