Holiday Husky Humor

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Divas can get- dirty too !
Barked: Sat Dec 3, '11 5:43am PST 
We ran across this link on Facebook and just had to share.
Here is the site :

http://www.examiner.com/siberian-husky-in-phoenix/holiday-husky -humor

And a few of the jokes - but the site has a lot more

If you’ve been on walks with your dog and thought, “Oh, I hope nobody just witnessed THAT!” …You probably own a Husky.

If you have more fur in your home than your dog has on it, giving the appearance to outsiders that you reside inside of a cotton ball…You probably own a Husky.

If your backyard looks like fencing seen at Alcatraz…You probably own Husky.

If one or more pieces of fur make it daily into a dish or beverage that you continue to consider perfectly consumable. However, you would freak out if you found a human hair…You probably own a Husky.

If you have ever had to chase your dog through your neighborhood, barefoot, because putting on shoes would’ve taken far too long…You probably own a Husky.
(I had to do this a few times last year before I got a good fence up, one time was in the snow and I swear Sakari left at me every time)

If you are now embarrassed to make eye contact with one or more of your neighbors, due to some type of scantily clad show you unintentionally put on in your yard, while attempting to stop or prevent any type of canine action from occurring…You probably own a Husky.

Awwwwh- cute....is she a- fox?
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 1:30am PST 
Second from last......i actually walked home barefoot after losing my shoes in a bog to capture my houdini. I own a husky and i dont i know it laugh out loud

Divas can get- dirty too !
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 12:00pm PST 
My worst experience with that one was in July one of the kids left the front door open and Sakari ran out. I chased her barefoot for a quarter mile on HOT rocks it was 115 degrees outside and I ended up having to go to the emergency because of the burns on my feetlaugh out loud


Best hugs ever!
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 11:36pm PST 
Eeyup! way to go

It's a- Bo-Bo-Licious- Kind of Day!!
Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 9:29am PST 
Was going to start a new entry, but this totally fits here! With the Holidays come family & company and of course, there are two of "Us" in the house who totally monopolize the "company" showing off to the best of their abilities!! Last night we hit a new level of "behavior" let's just say....we had a friend, who is visiting from England, over for dinner (luckily he is very much a dog-lover) and here comes Bo-Bo to the table, leans into Mummy, head on table and then he proceeds to let out the biggest-off -the-scale-burp ever! OMG - only saving grace was we had not started eating yet! What can you say!