Side-sitting = hip dysplasia?

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Don't Litter - Fix Your- Critter!
Barked: Sun Aug 8, '10 8:53am PST 
Hip dysplasia can be, to some degree, environmental... But your dog lying like that has nothing to do with anything. If you are concerned, however, you can always talk to your veterinarian at your companion's next annual exam. And though I would hesitate to have any companion living on cement full-time, walking on it actually helps keep nails down to a proper length.

I wish I knew your neighbor. I love educating people that that.

And Sassy - Siberians are actually prone to orthopedic problems. They are nowhere near as likely to develop them to the severity and frequency that GSD are, however truly ethical breeders will still OFA certify their breeding Siberians. Siberians are the sixth least likely breed to develop hip problems per the OFA database (http://www.offa.org/hipstatbreed.html) but they do still occur.

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Sable Marie

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Barked: Fri Aug 27, '10 9:13am PST 
My neighbors are in interesting bunch for sure. The only thing I can give them is that they do love their dogs and they are cared for. But the owners had a GSD mentality, everything they do is to look out for any possible problems with their dogs. It's different because Siberians aren't really like GSD, from what I can tell.

Sable isn't on concrete 24/7. She walks on sidewalks and streets two and from places or for potty breaks, but that's about it. 98% of her running is done in the dog park, which is dirt and mulch based with a little grass patch.

I've worried a lot about her hips. I had thought I found a good breeder and such. But they don't do health testing. None of their dogs have dysplasia or eye problems, but I still won't be going back there when or if I get another Siberian. [The plan was Spring 2011 but I'll be moving into an apartment with my brother sooo..]

Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 5:39am PST 
Hi, I also noticed my pup sitting sideways a few days ago and just got a little concerned so i tried looking around for more help. luckily, i found this thread and felt relieved. applause

May I ask how Sable is doing now?

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