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Your Huskies weight and Age?

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Kiona CGC

The Prettiest- Princess

Barked: Sun Apr 12, '09 9:16pm PST 
Thank you Gio!!

Im cute, LOVE- me!
Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 6:58am PST 
Hey there, my dog Sitka is turning 5 months old at the end of the week, she weigts roughtly 40 pounds, shes a Sibe/alaskan mix, or so we were told. she doesnt seens heayvy or fat to me, infact shes quite active and i can feel her ribs very easilly.

Barked: Sun Apr 19, '09 5:48am PST 
Ilya is now 5 years old and weighs 55 lbs. He has gone down to 35 when he's ill and 58 when I feed too much raw.

Harlow Jean

Professional Bug- Catcher
Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 4:58pm PST 
Harlow is 4 months old and 29 lbs =)

Please vote for- me!
Barked: Sat May 2, '09 1:16am PST 
eh, howzit Dakine? i'm 62#, almost 7 yrs old this June hamster dance

big kitteh
Barked: Mon May 4, '09 12:54pm PST 
Cyrus is almost 4 months old, and roughly 12 kg (almost 30 lbs).

Where's the- cheese?
Barked: Mon May 4, '09 11:39pm PST 
Stormy is almost 6 years old and he weighs about 68 lbs. We met an 8 year old female siberian who lives in the neighborhood and she weights about 50 lbs. She looked petite, but so beautiful and healthy.

Barked: Tue May 5, '09 9:27am PST 
6 1/2 Lbs at 2 Months

Tricks ? - You can't be- serious.....
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 10:02am PST 
Hi There.....I am 5 years old (will be 6 in July) and I around 65 pounds, hence the new nickname "Bucket" from Mummy. My doggie day care trainers says I need to take off 10 pounds, but the regular vet says I am fine because I still have a defined waist and you can feel my ribs (well, sort of). I carry my weight in my shoulders and upper body, with that and my brown eyes, I've had my share of the "what is that - a wolf?" comments!
Kelly - Our Angel At- the Bridg

Mr. Fatty-Pants
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 10:06am PST 
Hi everyone! I am 4 years old an weigh aropund 66 pounds!. When I was around 2 I weighed about 70 pounds, but then got a little taller and lost that bulky look. Mum thinks my shoulder height is around 33", so I guess I'm a little taller then some other sibes?
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