Light Red Huskies

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Kelly - Our Angel At- the Bridg

Mr. Fatty-Pants
Barked: Tue Jan 13, '09 5:45pm PST 
I'm red & white, although when I was a baby my coat was darker and my eyes were green! Now my eyes are brown, and my coat is lighter, but parts of it darken up in the winter. My human Dady has red har (well, it's red & white now), but all the hu-mans laugh and tell him we "look alike" - ha, ha, everyone knows I'm much cuter!!


come on! lets- go!
Barked: Fri Jan 16, '09 12:43am PST 
hello! I am light red! I have a cute liver colored nose. My left eye is brown now and my right eye is blue.

Im cute, LOVE- me!
Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 7:31am PST 
Im a medium red and white husky, but at the end of thday im mostly a dark brown, grey and black mutt loking dog.. iplay out in the yard a lot and this years mudd is a great vintage way to go

Bella Illari- Lucca

The heartbeat at- mommies feet
Barked: Thu May 14, '09 8:45am PST 
Bella is redish brown and white....hehehe

Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 12:54pm PST 
when my boy mage was very young he looled almost white than as he got older he darkned and now hes a dark red color
Ava, NTD

Miss Ava Roo
Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 7:53am PST 
I'm pretty sure Ava's gonna stay light red, even though she's got some misc black hairs sprinkled across her back o.o

Subii Do- "If you love it- ill take it"
Barked: Thu Jul 9, '09 9:57am PST 
Subii as a puppy was dark red.. then we noticed as the seaons change so does his color. During the summer he becomes light red to goldish.. then during the winter he is dark red to brownish
☆ Lacy

If it is mine,- it must never be- yours.
Barked: Fri Jul 10, '09 10:33pm PST 
I'm a light red in the summer time, in the winter I'm more copper with a cool snow nose. I do wish that there were more reds in the area that I could hang with smile
Luna- 12/27/01-3/2- 9/14

Princess- Houdini, I can- escape any crate
Barked: Wed Sep 16, '09 3:10pm PST 
Luna is pretty light!
Indy + Ivor

give us a treat- + we'll give you- our luv
Barked: Tue Oct 27, '09 2:45pm PST 
Hi i'm indy and i'm a light red but my adopted brother Ivor keeps calling me ginger coz he's mean. Least I don't look like i've seen a ghost/bath being run.
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