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I'm always a- good girl!
Barked: Thu May 29, '08 1:47pm PST 
I'm Maya and I'm a white and red sibe. I absolutely love my Kong toy filled with peanut butter and going on walks and meeting other dogs. smile I live in a small town in Kansas.
Hope to get to know you other sibes better.

Please vote for- me!
Barked: Tue Jun 3, '08 11:39am PST 
Aloha smile my name is Luc. I'm a purebred Siberian Husky from Kristari Kennels. My fav thing to do is to go on walks with my mommy, who takes me to a different place everyday. Beach today, Pacifica squirrels tomorrow. Fisherman's Wharf walk and Pier 39 staring at seals, then checking-out horsies & buffalo at the park the next day. Plus, have I mentioned I travel a lot too? I visited several continents already! Life is good. My mommy loves me.

hamster dance

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I'm not lazy. - I'm energy- efficient!
Barked: Sat Jun 7, '08 3:26pm PST 
Hey there! Tehya here. I just landed in Leander, Texas from Northern California and am working hard to adjust to the heat. I am fur-kin to another sib Maya and a border collie named Molly. I am a mellow girl who love making new pals! You can play with Maya and I in dogster group HUSKY HEAVEN! See you there.

hamster dance happy dance hamster dance happy dance

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You lost me at- STAY!
Barked: Sat Jun 7, '08 3:29pm PST 
Maya here! I live in Leander, Texas (just north of Austin) and I live to play! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE new pals and would love to get to know all of you.


I'm now a- traveling dog!
Barked: Sun Jun 15, '08 9:02am PST 
Hi! I'm Nanook a white/gray/and tanish sibe from Dallas, TX.. Born on Halloween 2007... I'm really big for my age... At 7 months i'm as big as most GSD. Even though im AKC registered Mom swears i must be part wolf! BOL!


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Catch me if you- can!
Barked: Sun Jun 15, '08 9:04am PST 
Hi! I'm Skylar! I was mama's first husky and even though I was a huge handful I will always have a place in her heart because I am no longer with my family for saving my 2 1/2 yr old human brother. Rescuing him ended my life...


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Princess Maya
Barked: Tue Jun 17, '08 8:53am PST 

My name is Maya...a grey and white with blue eyes living in sunny San Diego. My mom is currently teaching me dryland mushing. Lots of commands to learn...wish we could just skip ahead to the running and pulling!

Paws out!
Maxie 1997 - March 23,- 2009

I am a- shedmonster- princess.
Barked: Sun Jun 29, '08 5:58am PST 
Maxie here I live in Minnesota with my family. I like long runs in the woods with or without permission from my family, but at 11 I am slowing down on that Now I love sunbathing.

Feed Me....
Barked: Tue Jul 1, '08 6:10pm PST 
Zeus here in PA. I'm a laid back guy. I was tied to a dog box for seven years until someone got me away from that place. Mom and Dad adopted me Feb. 5 , 2005. I am spoiled rotten and love it.

Don't Fence Me- In
Barked: Wed Jul 2, '08 12:56pm PST 
Hi from Elly in Las Cruces, NM. I hope everyone is having a great summersmile
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