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Jazz Wolf
Barked: Sun Nov 30, '08 9:56am PST 
Tormé is ok... as long as he knows the area. There's this long dike that runs for about a mile along this lake, the drop off and field is fenced off by the college campus golf course (fenced one side, water on one, and open gates at the beginning and end).

We start going here for jogging, then I tried him off leash and he's pretty good. Runs off a little, but when I call and start to head somewhere else he comes back. But one time we started as usual and he ran up to some girls jogging. I kept waiting for him to turn back around, but everytime the joggers caught up he'd run about 30 feet in front of them sniff around, mark, then they'd catch up and he'd continue again. He probably would've followed them for the rest of the trail (I let him get nearly half a mile down before I realized he wasn't coming back).

Then we tried the other side of the dike off leash another weekend. Bad idea, everything was new so he had to check out everything. Instinct kicked in, 3 miles later he stopped... only because he ran out of land at an overpass (we had left the dike and I was just chasing him along the beach).

Everything Is- Mine
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 11:38am PST 
Ill lay down for mommy or sit and watch in the garage while she vaccumes the car in the drive way or have a garage sale. But shes constantly on edge and and vigilant. Icant even flinch a muscle or turn my head without her telling me to stay and blocking me. I've been very good but she stil doesnt trust me not one bit.

Snow Dog!
Barked: Sun Feb 8, '09 8:42am PST 
That is so wierd to here that alot of your huskies are typical of the breed and roam. I have a nine month old husky girl and she won't leave my side. She actually does worse on a leash. We go on walks thru the woods, walks on the beach (with people around). The only time she is on a leash is if were buy a busy road otherwise she doesn't leave my side. I say heal and she is there walking next to me.
When first introducing her to a leash as a pup she pulled and tugged and cried about it so one day I took her off and told her to heal and kept showing her how to do it and ever since she's perfect. I guess my only advice would be that if you get a husky start very young. Your husky also has to have that type of personality, my husky doesn't like being away from her pack so she always sticks close. Wierd.

Member Since
Barked: Thu May 23, '13 1:35pm PST 
I know nobody is writing in the forum these days but incase anyone is still reading this I'll put my two cents in. My Siberian is a rescue who I've had for about 1 year but I guess about about 2 1/2 years old.

I take her off leash many many places with no problems. It took months of training (I bring her to work, as well as take her out to large off-leash areas). One of the tactics I used once I had some confidence in her was to take her to an area on-leash a couple times first. She would get to know where we were, and where we were headed. Then I would let her go off-leash. Since she has already had the excitement of seeing the area on-leash she seems to have no problems sticking around.

I know that I may have just gotten a rare husky, other husky owners are often shocked that I have her off-leash. I do think it takes spending alot of time with your Husky to get them to be good off-leash dogs.

Named after the- Early English- composer
Barked: Tue May 28, '13 8:03am PST 
I love to run too much, but if mommy opens the car door I hop right in!

Member Since
Barked: Fri Sep 27, '13 7:55pm PST 
I have a Sibe I trusted once. She is a rescue and for three years was In a crate for 22 hours a day. The previous owners used shock collar and discipline to control her. I have worked with her since I got her. I was letting her run free in my fenced in yard, and she was coming when called. I have an outrigger on my bike and we go for her daily run to help bond and burn off energy. We were moving to off leash until the day she went out of the gate to go to the bike to hook up and run. Instead of going to the bike she decided the cat crap she smelled was more appropriate. . I said no leave it. Her head came up and she thought for a second and was off. The next two hours I chased her tracker in and out of the woods. I finally caught up with her at a farm 4 miles away. Got her home and there was a message from the farm owner. The 15 chickens they had were dead or dying. I saw no blood on her and only 1 feather in her fur. They did not see her do the killing. They could not prove she did it an I could not prove she didn't. All in all it cost me $$$ and the farmers promise to shoot her next time. So no more off lead and my 3 foot fence is now 6 foot. She is on a cable run when I am not out with her and on a 25 foot lead when Iam. It will be a long time before I trust her if ever off lead. blue dogblue doglittle angel

Barked: Thu Jan 9, '14 10:49pm PST 
I havent really trained Happy off leash but she is doing fine and can walk off leash.
However i never let Happy off leash if its near roadside since there could be danger
Happy pulls alot when on leash as she likes to run around so when i walk on walking trail on mountain, i let her off leash. She runs ahead of me but when i stop or i call her, she will come back to me.

I'm #1, any- questions?!?
Barked: Mon Jan 13, '14 6:08pm PST 
NEVER. My former husky was 12 and ran away 5 miles before someone called us from his tag. He was trustworthy maybe 75 percent of the time to not wander. I don't know if you will ever get 100 percent out of this breed. They are primarily known for running, check the rescue sites...

Member Since
Barked: Sat Jan 18, '14 11:42am PST 
I have 2 husky's( sneeuw 6 months and Luna 13 weeks) and i always walk with them off leash in the forrest.They dont run very far and ALWAYS come back.I only lost Sneeuw one time when we took a new path in the forrest.And than he went back and waited for me on a known spot where he always plays with other dogs. Maybe also helps than most of the times we walk in a group of more dogs so they always stick around with her friends.But also when i walk alone with them they never go further than 20 meters.And always wait for me to catch up.IT IS POSSIBLE to teach your dog to walk free but has to be a big park or a forrest.For them the only danger is meeting unfriendly dogs.

Barked: Sun Jan 19, '14 6:11pm PST 
Obviously in a fenced park which is only for dogs i let Zen be wild and free, on two, three occasions i have let him off leash in a park that is not fenced, he would run but always in a circular motion around me at times as far as 100m. On the other hand, he knows others dogs in that park so he mainly plays with them and doesn't go to far. All depends in the environment, and how you feel connected to your dog. Iv had Zen since he was 5weeks old and does listen most of the time, he doesn't listen when 'his 10months, maybe his questioning my alpha role as top dog' he has his stubborn streak
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