Marley and Me

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Meat..Meat and- more Meat
Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 10:30am PST 
We took Rani with us to see the movie Marley and me.

Rani will become Mali’s alternate service dog for me when Mali can not work because she is in the mothering way. We brought Rani to the movies for the first to and what better movie then Marley and me. I figured she could smooze lots of petting from dog lovers there.

She was very good. We sat in the front row where there was lots of room for her as she is a very big girl for 5 months. She was already 62 pounds and almost as tall as Mali. I kept her as close to us as possible. Rani got herself comfortable and only lifted her head a couple of times when there was a dog barking on the screen, but other than that she was perfect.

People were amazed when I told them how old she was. They were amazed first that she was so large and so young and then that she was so well behaved and so young. I explained consistency in training and socialization pay a huge part in training any dog not just a service dog. Not to mention Shilohs are smart as they come to begin with.