Separation issues with our 5yr old Shih Tzu

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Barked: Fri Jun 21, '13 6:35am PST 
Louie has developed a nighttime separation problem, since he was a puppy he has slept either in the lounge or dining room with no problems until about a year ago, when started to bark at night, we sought help from our vet and other shih tzu owners we know, we got it sorted by combining a citronella spray which was save and no lasting affects on him this with changing our way of treating him seemed to work, however over the last couple of weeks Louie has reverted to barking which was stopped by the citronella spray, he has started to scratch at the doors trying to get out, last night I had to come down to him and found him really distressed panting breathing heavy, had to give in and take him upstairs with us, which is normally a big no no, any advise would greatly appreciated.

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Barked: Tue Jul 16, '13 12:16pm PST 
If he is scratching at doors wanting to get out he heard noise's but its
best with small dogs (most of them) they like to sleep in bed with you or
put his bed next to yours.