Questions re shih tzu coat

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Barked: Tue May 21, '13 9:28pm PST 
Hi there,

my name is Janine i have a shih tzu x aussie terrier who is def more shih tzu then aussie terrier! Well in the last week when i use dog comb and slicker brush i am finding grey hairs as well as the charcoal grey hairs coming off. Im not alarmed but curious , we are heading into cold months here so is she shedding summer coat or is she going into puppy blow at 7 months old(next week)?

For almost a month she has been matting along her back i make sure i comb her everyday twice a day to keep them out but that doesnt always help as the next time i do it more matts.

She was jet black and now faded to charcoal grey with grey/white hairs and her color is changing. Ears are going silver as well as above eyes, got silver on front of paws and grey on bits of her tail. Now along her back she is going a intresting color!

I beleive she may be a blue shih tzu with silver running through?