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cry My shih Tzu, Buddy is 2yrs 2months. Although he has all the lovely behaviour, that the dogs on the forums have, he just doesn't seem to like me. My heart is breaking as I love him so much but as things are now, I seem to look after him in every way, I get nothing but growling and sulking back.
Does anyone out there in Shih Tzu land, have anything like this with their dog? I would be most grateful for any advise, Buddy has seen a dog behaviorist to no avail,apart from a large bill!!
Thank you for reading.

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My presley is about to turn 6 months old. I feed her, water her, bathe her, walk her, let her out to potty, basically do all for her. My husband and kids don't really do much of that. Yet, she refuses to come to me when I call her. She lunges at me and bites me. But when my husband snaps, she instantly goes to him, and lets him pick her up, or gets in his lap and sits. So, I have decided taht it isn't that she doesn't like me.... but that she see's me as her pack member, more than them...maybe? Because the bahavior she has with me, is the same that I have seen other dogs have with each other when left to play on their own. Kind of like it is her way of interacting with me. So I just HOPE that she outgrows it, or eventually sees that I will not be responding to the behavior when she pulls that kind of act.

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wow. your shih tzu is so cute and i see it here: http://www.dogster.com/dog-breeds/Shih_Tzu

you can also see the story of our shih tzu here at: http://www.shihtzucare.net

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when i first got my shih tzu he was very much alike yours as well. mine is one 1 1/2. one way to change his behavior is by giving him negative marker. for example, when he bite you the next time give a loud yep, and say "ouch" many time , or u can give him treats and hold it by your finger tip and say ouch every time you feel his teeth or tongue on your finger tips. that will tech him that the words " ouch" and " yep" is a negative marker. way to go it will take many many conditioning to make it happen. i hope this will work for u as it did for me. cheer