Just wondering if this would be the right breed for me?

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I've tried to do quite a bit of research on different dogs... Currently I can't have a dog because I am living at home with parents doing school and I don't have a job. I'm just wondering which dogs would be the best for me in the future?

I'd like a dog that is possibly:

1. lap dog: doesn't have to be exercised for hours on end, can be happy with a short walk. I can: give at least a half hour walk in the day. I am a student, but probably will be graduated by the time I get a dog so I should have lots of time for it when I get one party.

2. Low grooming requirements ( I hear that this honestly depends on the Shih Tzu as well as what you want it to look like?)

3. Will be ok with "strangers" in our home after being introduced to them and know that they are ok. (A lady my mom visits has a dog that is always growling at her).

4. I'd like the possibility of this dog to be at a pound or shelter, I'm all about saving lives smile

5. I live in a cold temperature, so I'd like a dog that is able to be outside when I go on walks what not. The dog will live indoors with me though.

6. Not much of a barker.

I don't really mind so much the grooming thing, but the other things (such as barking) are issues I'd rather not deal with. We had a sheltie and it barked all the time (well, duh, shelties are known to bark... sadly didn't learn that till now)... anyway, I hope you guys can help me know which dog breeds would be best for me.


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I also want to make a note her to say that I'd like a dog that doesn't have "separation anxiety" and I hear that Shih Tzu are ok alone? I might have to work or something and I don't want my dog to drive the neighbors mad.