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i have a three and half year old molly who came to us through two clients of mine.we got her in jan and she is such a pleasure to be around.in feb we had her fixed and i decided to bring her into my hair salon with me so i could keep an eye on her while she recovered.i could not believe how everyone responded to her.we decided to keep her going to work with me. the other stylists and clients just love walking in to see her little face.had a copmplaint i gess from someone to the cosmetology ass and am now going to try to fight it so she can stay in the salon with us.she is so happy in the salon. has anyone ever had to do something like this befor? i have talked to a client who is lawyer. should i try having her certified as therepy dog? any other suggestions would be apperciated.

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I honestly don't know about the legalities of it but I do know that one of our great friends owns a salon and she brings her Yorkie with her all the time. Everyone loves having her around and I haven't heard anything about it being an issue. I hope that you get it straightened out and that she's allowed to come with you! Good luck!