what size are you?

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Squirrel!!!!!!!!- !!!
Barked: Thu Jul 23, '09 5:07pm PST 
I'm 11 pounds and 9 months old. My brother Tobi is 15 pounds and 3 1/2 years old. I still have some growing to do but I don't think I'll get as big as him. thinking

Tiny dog with a- HUGE personality
Barked: Fri Jul 31, '09 12:23pm PST 
I was 2.2 pounds at 8 weeks and I've been with my mom for 1 1/2 months now and I gained 2 pounds! So I'm 14 weeks old and I'm 4.5 pounds. Is my growth going to slow down? People say that I'm goign to be small(around 7-8 pounds) but I LOVE eating, and I'm always hungry, so mommy thinks I might end up heavier. Any idea how big I might end up?
Gracie /- Rest In- Peace

Barked: Tue Aug 4, '09 3:50pm PST 
My Gracie weighs like 15 lbs. blue dog

Lucky / Rest- In Peace

Barked: Tue Aug 4, '09 3:51pm PST 
My Lucky weighs 10 lbs. blue dog
Tiger Lily

♥- ♥- ♥
Barked: Thu Aug 6, '09 10:36am PST 
tiger weighs 3.6 lbs and she's about 8 and a half weeks old! i can't wait to see how big she'll get! (:
Meisha Marie

Lookin for- Cookies
Barked: Sat Aug 8, '09 8:01pm PST 
I just turned 18 months old, and I weigh 9 lbs 14 ozs. But I can kick some stuff toy butt, bol. Just because I am small doesn't mean I can't play tough. I just get hot!

Barked: Mon Jan 18, '10 4:14pm PST 
i way 30 lbs.

Barked: Mon Jan 18, '10 4:14pm PST 
i way 15 lbs. olin eats my food
Ella Cinderella

Yoo muffs- abquits if da- shoe nods fids!
Barked: Sat Apr 24, '10 12:57pm PST 
18 pounds.big laugh

Chico - "The Love Man"
Barked: Mon Apr 26, '10 8:28am PST 
I am almost 4 years old and I weigh 15 pounds. Mom says 13 of those pounds are personality.
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