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worlds biggest shih tzu?

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Barked: Sun Aug 19, '12 7:02pm PST 
My "Papa Big Buns" aka 36.5 pounds...he just got weighed at the vet last week. They reprimanded me a bit but just because he gained 5 pounds in a year...they feel that he is at a normal weight between his norm of 28-32 smile his parents are quite small but he and his two brothers have always been very long and a bit pudgy!! I love him so much I wouldnt want him any other way...i realize the norm is around 12 lbs but there are always exceptions to the rule!! Hes my special little
Song Joo

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Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 6:57pm PST 
Mine is 30 pounds and no health problems.

Barked: Mon Jun 24, '13 2:04am PST 
I'm very happy to find this thread. I adopted Martin over a year ago and at the time he was 19 pounds and all bones. He is my first Shih Tzu and in spite of all the difficulties I've read about the breed, he's a perfect gentleman and a love. Since I adopted him, I've taken him completely off dog food and he eats an all natural diet. He has gained weight and now weighs 24 pounds at 3 years old and I expect him to gain more weight.He is very active and not fat. The person I got him from is a Shih Tzu breeder and is constantly on me about his weight. She didn't breed him but bought him from another breeder and rejected him as a potential stud because of his size even though he is extremely healthy and has a wonderful temperament. I'm happy to know he's not in a class by himself!

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