boy vs. girl! bol

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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '07 2:35pm PST 
ok guys.. i have a boy shih tzu and i love him to death! his temperment is incredible and he's so very sweet!! now what i'm wondering is, what are the different traits (pro's and con's) between the males and females?? i definitely don't think one is better then the other just curious what you puppy owners thought!!

although i did hear boys were just a tiny bit more affectionate shh bol

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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '07 7:51am PST 
Boys say "I love you .I love you I love you!"

Girls say "love me! Love me! Love me!" BOL
Supposedly boys show more affection and girls wants the affection showered on them but mommy doesn't buy it.She says that I couldn't be any more affectionate if I tried.Smoochies

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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '07 2:56pm PST 
I'm a prime example against that! bol! laugh out loud

I'm such a brat and my sister is the sweetest thing in the world according to mom! But I know better! She's just being sweet and cuddly and kind around them, but she's such a brat to me! cry

Whenever mom is on the bed and calls me to give me a hug, Sakura would run up to her and squeeze herself between us! shrug

thinking If you think about it... maybe it's just her saying, "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!"

laugh out loud

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Barked: Wed Oct 17, '07 11:33am PST 
I agree with Bella 100%! As a breeder, I prefer boys...they're just so much sweeter IMHO. Then again, if you have one boy and one girl (spayed and neutured of course) it would probably work out ok, but when you have more than one girl....well, that is why females are called "bitches"...they tend to compete for attention.

Barked: Fri Oct 19, '07 7:41pm PST 
So true. I have both a lil girl and a lil boy. My girl is so needy needy. Everyone at the dog park always talks about her and the fact she is so needy. I love her so much but she can be very bossy just like me. I actually think she is my twin.LOL Harlee on the other hand is such a sweety. He is so gentle and he loves everyone. The only thing I can say is that in my life time the girls were always the cuddly kind and the guys were always more independent. I say if you can, get one of each they both have so much to offer.

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Barked: Sun Nov 11, '07 9:14am PST 
Hi everyone...I just have one female st - Madison. I love her to death, and she is pretty loving, but she is also very needy. It is all about her. Just an exampled - when I am at the park walking with her, if someone dares to walk by and not stop and acknowledge her - she does make a bit of a scene smile

Anyways, I don't have any experience with boy st's. But, that's my view on my female.


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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '07 5:23pm PST 
well i'm a girlcheer and i like to dress up mommy likes that and i'm cuddly and mommy thinks i protect her better than any boi could bol dancing.
I like having a girl she is delicate but yet she seems to have her own little princes attitude which i like this is my first time owning a dog and she is just such a little girl doesn't like getting dirty just like the daughter i never had big laugh
anyways thats my 2 cents

and wendy (winnie's mom)snoopy

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Barked: Sun Feb 24, '08 8:47am PST 
Boys rule! Me and my two brothers are so cuddly and happy. I have a girlfriend whe is just as cuddly but doesn't want to play with toys as much as we do. On the other side, my best friend Kirby is very needy like a girl...Maybe he was switched at birth? My breeder says that boys have a better temperment and I agree! My two sisters used to boss me around when I was little!

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Barked: Fri Apr 18, '08 10:00pm PST 
Yanna is by far the least affectionate of my three. She's also very ALPHA. If I wasn't the true Alpha in the pack she'd def. pick up where I left off. The boys wanna be with me all the time, but, she's fine being on her own. She's also very vocal and aggressive towards stranger dogs she meets. Especially the bigger ones because they intimidate her. But when I lay down the law to her she's quick to flip over on her back and show me that she will submit to my command. I love my Yanna girl don't get me wrong, but, she can be quite the DIVA!

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