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I was just curious if anybody has a dog with OCD? Our Shiba has been shaking her head and biting in the air, hiding behind the couch, and licking at her paws/legs. She started last fall and we treated her for an infeciton in her ear. It kind of quit over the winter and then about 3 months ago it started back up. We just got done with a 2 week round of antibiotics and also a 10 day liquid treatment for her ears and then off 10 days and now back on 10 days. After we started the first 10 days of liquid ear treatment, after about 3 days she quit acting crazy and not shaking her head, not hiding and not "fly biting". We then started the 10 day rest period and after 3 days she started acting up again. We are now back on the last round and we are on the fourth day and she is still acting freaky. So when we went to the vet the last time and started this round of meds he said if this didn't work we'd probably put her on OCD meds. He didn't see an infection in her ears but thought we'd try the meds just in case there was one. I'm thinking this is not going to work, so was just curious if anybody else has this problem and what you are doing about it. Also wondering if there is any natural meds we could put her on for it. She is already on meds for bladder control. Thanks in advance for any advice. I really appreciate it.