I need some advice please

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Barked: Wed Jul 23, '14 11:03am PST 
HEllo, I have 2 shibas, one is almost 4 years and the other one 1 and a half. They are father and son. They've been getting along really well for a year but latetly they have been fighthing. The younger one didn't fight back until one day they had a pretty bad fight and since then they can't even look at each other. We keep them in separate rooms and it's been almost 3 months now. We castrated the older one because the vet told us so, but it hasn't helped yet.
Does anyone have any advice? We try to get them together but as soon as they see each other they start barking as if to fight.
Any advice will be very welcome.
Thank you

Shiba Empress
Barked: Tue Aug 12, '14 7:31pm PST 
Hello, are both dogs fixed? If so, when were they both neutered?