Help with my fearful Shiba

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Hello everyone I am looking for some advice. We have a total of three dogs a German Shepherd Nikhia 6yrs old, Shiloh Shepherd Neiko 5 yrs old and Shiba Inu Kato 2 ½ yrs old. We got Kato flown in from a breeder in South Dakota. He was four months old it took him about two weeks to even allow anyone in the family to pet or go near him. He is frightful of everything noise inside, outside the home and visitors. He stays upstairs in the far back corner of the hallway. Every once in a while he will come downstairs and lie on the couch for maybe 20 minutes at the most. I have even put gates up to keep him from hiding out upstairs, but took them down because he either jumps them or knocks it down as to where he can crawl underneath. He goes out in the back yard to do his business but runs back to the door scratching frantically to come back in. If there are children on the playground and they are loud he will not go out and if it is garbage day he will not go out. He will hold his self for hours before he steps back outside. Which I do not understand because we have two children and live on a military base, so there is constant noise that he should be use to. Another reason I don’t understand why he is like this is because our other two dogs are not. I did contact the breeder not long after I got him and asked her if he was socialized; which I did before we purchased him and she reassured us that he was. She stated that he would come around in a couple days that it was just how their breed was. Kato is afraid to get into the car and to go on walks. I have tried treats which do not work he jerks, jumps, and pulls back. He pays the treats no attention at all after he does all that he will poo until he cannot poo anymore. When we take him to the vet he does it before we go in and continues until he can’t anymore inside and this is a dog who is housetrained and neutered. The vet suggested the calming collar which we tried and it did not work at all everything stayed the same. I try to calm him down and he does not snap out of it. As for our other two dogs they are completely different even our Shiloh even comes over to him as if she’s trying to comfort him. When I was growing up we bred and raised GSD’s and I have had a total of five dogs of my own and never came across anything like this. If anyone has any suggestions it would greatly be appreciated.