Just adopted a Shiba

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Hello All,

just yesterday I adopted a 1 yr & 2 mo old cream Shiba Inu. I've wanted a Shiba for many years now and turned my girlfriend onto them as well, so we are both very excited to have him in our lives.

Before we made the long journey (5 1/2 hours away) to rescue him, we filled out the adoption request papers and I had some questions of my own I was hoping to have answered. Some of the questions I asked were - "What were the reasons the previous owner turned him in for" and "Are there any known medical issues with him". Even though the Humane Society was closed and I had to wait 3 days till they opened again, the woman I was dealing with got back to my questions and paperwork in a timely manner.

I was told they had all registration, medical and other documentation from every vet he's visited to his original purchase from breeder. When I got there, he didn't even look like the pictures they listed. I also found out only then, his previous owner gave him up for adoption because he became very allergic to him. Since the Shiba (Yoshi is his new name) has a dry, itchy skin condition. Yoshi's coat felt very grimy and dirty. He was only in the Humane Society's custody for 2 weeks. It doesn't seem like they were taking good care of him there, but he was still extremely affectionate to all the workers there. I bought some Oatmeal Dry Skin Itch Relief shampoo and conditioner at Pets Mart to possibly help sooth him while giving him a much needed bath. Should I do this or are there alternate methods on dealing with dogs with dry skin? I haven't had a chance to look anything up yet.

When they tried putting a leash on his collar, he made a horrible Shiba scream and looked frightened. But afterwards I was able to walk him around the lot so he and I can get a feel for each other. He definitely needs training on a leash, and in many other areas.

I asked the people there about the possibility of him being sick... maybe due to different food exposure and his body is just adjusting? Because when I had him out, he pee'd for about 2 minutes straight, then immediately after poo'd with much difficulty though. I don't mean to get disgusting, but his poo was the consistency of string cheese or silly string. Not only till after the 5+ hour car ride home (which he was AMAZINGLY calm and had great behavior), did I realize he had a spot of blood in his poop.

I know that is never a good sign, but is just a "dot" nothing to worry about? He has all of his shots, vaccinations and all that good stuff cleared until September of 2014. I want to take him to a vet for an check up and will ask all my questions there as well. But I figured this would be a great way to introduce myself - Brad and my Shiba - Yoshi, possibly getting some help and making friends along the way.

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Sounds like you got yourself a typical under-socialized shelter Shiba. Time, patience, and training will do wonders for him. I'd suggest reading the Shiba owners recommendations thread. As far as the blood in the stool, get a vet appointment and take in a fecal sample along with all his other medical paperwork. Food allergies and "itchies" in Shibas are very common - and actually seem to be more prevalent in creamies -- get him on a grain free diet and add some wild Alaskan salmon oil to his food once a week. Bathing with oatmeal shampoo will also help. This forum isn't all that active anymore, but if you are on FB do a search and you will find a number of Shiba groups that you can join with a ton of activity. Congrats & good luck!!

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When we first got our Shiba puppy she was very itchy and her coat became rough. We did as our vet suggested and switched her over to grain-free food and also give her one fish-oil capsule each day. We just snip a tiny hole in one end of the capsule and squirt it onto her food each morning. She loves it. Literally within a couple of days she stopped scratching. And her coat became so glossy and soft and plush that strangers always comment on it. Huge difference!


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Thanks for the replies guys.

I have an appointment with a vet tomorrow so we'll definitely have everything taken care of ASAP! I did read a bunch of helpful posts on the Shiba Owners Recommendation Thread. Even though his paper says he was dewormed, I think he may have caught something during his time in the Humane Society. I think he has worms in his poop, so we're having that tested tomorrow.

I'll still roam these forums, but I guess I'll find a small local group on Facebook.

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Hi Yoshi, Congrats on your rescued shiba. Shibaholics is a pretty active FB group to check out.