Mame Shiba?

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Barked: Wed Feb 27, '13 5:57pm PST 
Since I can't figure out why my post is showing up twice and I can't figure out how to delete it, I'll just ask another question.

We are having a lot of trouble potty training Roomba. She hasn't had any poop accidents, but she has no problem peeing in her crate and either laying in it or licking it up. I realize this may be a result of the shelter and/or breeder conditions, but we cannot seem to break her of it.

We restrict her water in the evenings and limit it during the day. She is in her crate for no more than 4 hours at a time while we are work.

She has two crates but gets extreme anxiety in the one that is properly sized. She will spend all night chewing at the bars and hitting the sides trying to get out. We've begun allowing her to stay in the one that is too big for her until she gets acclimated to the smaller one as she stays calm in the bigger one. We've put the smaller crate in our living room with the door open and encourage her to go in it on her own. She has just recently begun to go in on her own and sleep. We're hoping that in the next couple weeks she'll be comfortable enough in it that we can switch back to it.

We're trying to train her to use a bell, but she does not let us know in any way when she has to go out. The only time she barks is when she is playing with the cat and she has only whined in the big crate at night a few times. When she does, she goes out for potty only and is put right back in the crate. If she decides to start whining again when she comes back in, we ignore her. Again, that has only been a few times; most nights we don't hear anything out of her.

She gets a lot of praise when she goes outside and does seem to realize that as soon as we go outside it is time to pee.

She did have a UTI, but that has cleared up and the vet took a culture of her bladder to make sure there was no more infection present. We are trying to make an appointment with the vet college here in order to have her bladder and eyes looked at as well as a heart murmur she has. It doesn't appear that there is anything wrong with her bladder but considering her heart murmur and eyesight issue, it is possible she has other issues.

I've read that Shibas are stubborn, but I've also read they can be fairly easy to housebreak. Has anyone had a similar experience and a method used to get past it?

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