Second Puppy?

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Barked: Fri Feb 8, '13 7:14am PST 
It's been a while since I posted on here, so hello everyone! Champ is doing amazing, he is so lovey now and more calm than during his crazy puppy stage. My fiance really wants to get a second dog of a different breed, but I am hesitant. Does anyone have any recommendations for what breeds are most compatible with Shiba Inus? Any experience introducing another dog into the family? Champ is 3.5 years old now. Thanks!

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '13 2:12pm PST 
How is Champ with other dogs?

There's owners with huskies, other shiba and other breeds.

Saya has a boxer as second dog.. She hates other boxers besides Bella and Mollie..

Barked: Mon Feb 11, '13 1:56pm PST 
we have 2 shibas which get along 95% of the time, the breeder whom we got our dogs said that shibas are sometimes a bit funny about having another dog with them, she said they will get along if you have a girl and boy. Not 2 boys or 2 girls otherwise they may fight to be the dominant one, when getting another breed she said to get a breed thats less dominant than the shiba as they are headstrong. i guess it also comes down to their personality
hope this helps


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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '13 7:23am PST 
My shiba gets along well with just about any breed of dog you can think of given they have the right personality. I don't think its so much the dog breed, as the actual dog. She loves to play at the dog park, but can't stand the smaller dogs there. However my mom had to move in with us, and with her came her Chihuahua. They are best of friends. However Buddy isn't the typical Chi either. We have had many foster dogs over the last 2 years and just recently she's been showing signs of not liking bigger similar personality dogs. I think she is becoming more assertive in what she wants and doesn't want, and doesn't tolerate another dog overstepping those lines. We've had to give up fostering for the time being until we figure her out a little more now, after the last 2 fosters had to end on a short note. My Shiba is almost 3 now, and over the course of those few years, her personality has done some complete flip flops. I strongly advise before getting another dog, to do some play dates, take a trip to the dog park, etc. Make sure your dog is interacting a lot with other dogs (if he will) and see what type you should be looking for.