Shiba Nightmare?

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Barked: Wed Feb 6, '13 10:41am PST 
Last night at about 4am Yoshimi woke us up screaming randomly. She seemed to be okay, but I was wondering if anyone else had had an instance of their shiba having nightmares and/or screaming in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '13 2:10pm PST 
Saya sometimes moves her legs and barks in her sleep like she is chasing something.. I'm sure dogs do dream or maybe not I dunno sadly dogs can't speak much.. laugh out loud

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '13 7:31am PST 
Kaida has never woke up screaming, but she does whimper and bark in her sleep quite often.


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Barked: Wed Feb 20, '13 9:51am PST 
Saki will also whimper on occasion. I asked her vet and he said that she might not be getting enough exercise. On his advise I started taking her jogging with me and the nightmares stopped. Recently I got the flu and was out for two weeks!! Saki didn't get much exercise during this time and I noticed it happening again, so It made me think that maybe it is due to lack of exercise.

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Barked: Sun May 12, '13 9:59am PST 
Toshi barks in his sleep every other day, generally after a stimulating day.

Short scream perhaps 4 times a year, haven't noticed anything negative.