Food Preferences (Help Needed)

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Barked: Tue Oct 16, '12 8:52pm PST 
Okay so Dexter has been getting the same food his entire life, and now as of the last month each time i've gone to the store to get it they are out of it. the last time I purchased the same brand but a different flavor, I went tonight to get more of his regular food and they didn't have it nor did they have what I got him last time........

I've always purchased him "Avoderm" Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula so i'm thinking I should maybe switch his food up and go with something else rather than just getting something different each time.

What recommendations do you all have? I'm not looking to break the bank with any designer dog foods....lol

I know of Innova but that seems to be pretty expensive around here!

Thanks in advance....


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Barked: Wed Oct 17, '12 10:42am PST 
The reason you cannot find the Avoderm is because one of the lines (lamb & rice) was recalled in September for Salmonella. The company chose not to ship any of their products to stores until they were certain none of the other products were contaminated. That being said, looking at the content of Avoderm, I might suggest that you try to go with a better quality of food - the formula you are using has very little meat and a lot of grain. Brands that are good (but not overly "fancy")include Taste of the Wild and Wellness Core. I personally use the Wellness Core because it is grain free. I don't know price-wise how they compare with what you were using, but both are readily available at Petco & Petsmart.

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Barked: Sat Oct 20, '12 12:30pm PST 
You could do a rotation diet.. Switch at each bag is almost gone? I do that with Bella seems work fine she doesn't have any food allergies.

I go from wellness core ocean, from pork, from duck, and from beef, going to try a different brand soon right now researching..

Wellness core ocean is pretty pricey, but would last Saya for while. She eats raw so I don't have to worry with kibble on her.