Is my Shiba too fluffy???

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Hi everyone!! Hope everybody is fine!! I have a concern about Lucas, my Shiba Inu. He is now 7 months old, and I see he is too fluffy. I have the International Pedigree Blue Sheet, but too many hair makes me wonder about the purity. Does anyone have a Shiba this fluffy?? I wll apreciate some help. Bests regards.

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What you appear to have is a Shiba with a "wooley" - or long haired - coat. They are rather unusual, but they do appear from time to time in pure lines. I'm not well versed enough in genetics to explain what causes the long coat, but I do know there are members over at the Shiba Inu Forum website that have Shibas with wooley coats that might be able to answer your question better.

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It is entirely possible for a pure Shiba to have a long coat. I've seen several long-coated Shibas who were bred from quality parents who just happened to be carrying the long-coat gene and produced fluffy pups.

With the Shiba, there are two lengths of coat: Smooth (normal) and rough (fluffy). The smooth coat is dominant, meaning you only need one copy of the gene for it to be expressed. Rough is recessive, so if you've got one smooth and one rough, the dog will express the normal smooth coat. Two rough genes expresses the rough coat.
When only one parent carries one rough gene, all pups will express smooth, even if they all inherit the rough coat gene (25% chance of inheritance). When you put two parents together who both carry rough, there is a 50% chance that the pups will be rough. The dogs who have two copies of the rough gene (long-coated), if bred, will always pass on the rough coat but will only produce rough pups if the other parent either carries rough (one copy) or is expressing rough (two copies). If not, the pups will all be smooth despite one of the parents having two copies of the rough gene and passing it on to all the pups.

Most "good" breeders wouldn't breed a rough Shiba since it's against the standard. However, a properly bred Shiba producing a rough does not mean it's not pure or is not a well-bred dog. Recessives are hard to eliminate since you need two copies of the gene for it to be expressed, and they can stay hidden for many generations before popping up again, if they do at all.

Here's a scientific paper on the subject of coat type in dogs: Clicky link.

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We have a few shibs on the forum who are fluffies! smile

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Dexter is a pure bred *extra* fluffy! My advice: brush him often! ;-)

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Conker, thank you for sharing this research and information. I loved reading it. We bred our two purebred normal coated Shibas -- both have papers -- they are a red and a black and tan. We got a cream, a sesame, and two long haired Shibas. They both carried the recessive gene, I guess. We kept and raised them all. Yes, we have six happy shibas!!! I personally really enjoy the variety we have and adore the breed.

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[i]We have a few shibs on the forum who are fluffies! [/i]

I call them marshmallow shibas.