Inflight Coat Formula - Anyone ever used this supplement?

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Barked: Fri Jun 17, '11 1:12pm PST 
Marshall's undercoat is (and has always been) pretty thin. Very thin. I feed him Evo-the salmon one, can't remember what it's called, and also give him a pump of salmon oil with each meal, so grain allergies are moot. I understand that it is summer so he will be wearing his less dense coat, but it stayed the same throughout the winter as well. He has a vet appt in July where I'm getting his thyroid tested, along with a routine check up to see if that is the cause of his thin coat. If not, I was going to try this supplement out. It's called Inflight Coat Formula. I've read a ton of personal testimonies all over the internet and it seems to have pretty great reviews. People tout the quick and positive results, many of them being owners of show dogs. The only issue is you have to take them off of the supplement when they start to blow or it will prolong the blow.

I was wondering if any Shiba has used this to bump up their undercoat growth, and if so how were the results?

Also any other ideas about why my buddy has such a sparse undercoat would be appreciated!

Thanks puppy pals! puppy

I ate your- underpants...aga- in!
Barked: Fri Jun 17, '11 1:14pm PST 
Oh, and if you'd like to check it out here is the link: www.inflightcoatformula.com
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from what i heard from breeders and show people, its how the dog was bred that gets coat type. ive been having that problem with kiba too. i might look into that site as well. some people told me to keep kiba in the house in high air condition spot and keep him brushed and cleaned to encourage hair growth. let me know if you find anything that worksway to go


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I don't know about the supplement as I have never used it. I do know that all shibas have varying thickness of their coats. Kaji's coat is much more thin and has a completely different texture, feel, and oiliness than Kaida's. Kaida when she shed shed herself nearly bald as thin as her coat got. But she's back to being her fluffy soft coated self.

Coat quality really is genetic rather than anything else. Sure it can be affected by health issues and allergies, but the normal coat will depend on the genetics behind it. I used to raise bunnies and coats were one of the areas I did a lot of work on. You can feed all the supplements you want, but honestly it isn't going to make a permanent solution. Does he get cold?? If not and its not a health related issue (you mentioned thyroid) then just think of it as him and his fur. smile

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Hey fellow DFW Shiba! puppy

Koji's coat is thinner than a lot of other Shibas' coats. Could have something to do with Dallas being warmer than other places, and it definitely has something to do with genetics. I wouldn't worry about it. I do know around winter, when it's much colder outside (even though we don't get lots of snow) I make Koji sit outside on his favorite spot on the balcony to soak in the cold and encourage a fluffier coat, but remember, it'll all have to shed out later! Generally his coat is fluffiest during colder months, but it still only as big as some of my friends' Shibas' summer coats! He's just not as fluffy, which is fine.

I know coats improve on a raw diet, or at least a grain free kibble and salmon oil helps, but again, most of it has to do with genetics. Just sit back and be thankful you don't have to deal with a REAL Shiba coat! I know I am. wink