To timid Sheltie?

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A while ago I bought my sheltie, Zoey. We got her when she was 6 months old at a pet store (which closed a week after we got her). We, my family, are not sure where they got her or what really happened to get her to be so timid but its been getting worse over the years. Right now she is 5 years old and she is at her all time worse. She growls and runs from my father and shakes a lot around my brother. She growls at children and has snapped a few times (NO ONE WAS EVER HURT). She hates my father with a passion and im not to sure why. When we first got her she didnt care for him but at least could sit on the bed with him but now i cant even get her out from under my bed when he is home. What can i do to help her? It cant be good for her health. Does my father need to make an effort too? What can he do to help? Thank you!